When I had to be Emotionally Stronger…

Last year – 2016, I had many ups and downs in my life. It was one of the challenging year I faced. Many situations broke me down in which I was searching for a good hobby to let forget whatever happened and move on. This is my first try!

So this is how it went,

  • In early phase of this year, I had to put lot of efforts for getting hired laterally. Many times I was disappointed with my performance as well as with thought of leaving your first company & comfort zone; but yes I kept on giving interviews and finally joined MNC. So basically what one should do is even though you are not getting selected, keep giving interviews and get clues/hints/questions for next company to prepare for 😉
  • In middle phase, it was a bit tough to adjust when I was laterally hired. I started being supreme active on Quora, Instagram and wherever I can pass my time with. I tried to develop some hobbies like reading, watching seasons, watching plural site/YouTube, cooking, meeting people etc. in my free time but still wasn’t a great success. I struggled but lastly got one project where I found bunch of good people 🙂
  • In ending phase, I faced some situation where my descions didn’t align with family. In such situations when your family is not with you, life seems to be a challenge. Regardless of this, I didn’t loose focus on my goal. I stayed strong. I have grown up Crocodile skin meanwhile. I continued with keeping myself busy in something and I persevered!

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