8 Winsome years while growing Her..

It is said that,

β€œThe world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”

Well said! After reading this story, I am sure you will agree to the same. This is the story about my female Rottweiler – Lucci who truly added colors in our lives.

About 8 years before finding myself at this point, I never thought I would have a dog at home and writing a story about her with brimful of love.

After completing my schooling, I shifted to my new home in an underdeveloped and sparsely area. Security was a major concern and hence we gave a thought on adopting a dog. We also took advice from people. The feedback was generally to go with female Rottweiler as the males are too aggressive.

In India, pet keeping is not that trendy. People see it more of responsibility than a hobby. My parents were no exception to this and weren’t enthusiastic about getting a pet at home. After much effort, they agreed with me my brother has to take care of her. Finally, we bought 3 months old female Rottweiler puppy whom we named as Lucci 😊

First day, First click
It started with training her, making her familiar, bringing her in her comfort zone. We hired one trainer to train her. But getting her homework done was necessary and I used to do that work πŸ˜‰. Every day my first activity was to meet her and spend quality time. As dogs are social animals and one of the ways they build and learn about relationships and communication is through play. We used to do couple of activities like,

  • Tug of war – I had one toy with which we used to play tug of war! It was fun. But its bit risky as sometimes dogs get angry.
  • Hide and seek – I used to hide at one place and ask her to find me. This is really a great activity to do with your dog as it develops a bond between you.
  • Fetching ball/Frisbee – In this, your pet learns daily life commands and also it’s good for her exercise.
  • Take her swimming – Yeah, I used to take her swimming in dam as in India, dog’s swimming pool are very rare.
  • Running on Treadmill – Sounds funny? When I used to take her on road for running, she found an idea that sit at one place and resist to get up as much as she can. So I took her on treadmill which gave her no option but to run πŸ˜€
  • Apart from these all, grooming a dog is very important. Dogs love it. Also, it’s good for their hair and skin.

She was growing up so fast. Learnt almost everything very quickly. Eventually my parents also started loving her. She became an integral part of our family. We used to treat her like a small growing baby in our family. Yeah, small baby! Every night before we lock the door, we must keep all footwear & doormats out of her reach. If we miss one day, next day we won’t find anything intact πŸ˜€ Once she tore my newly bought shoes and mom was tired seeing tore doormat.

She was 5/6 months old. Her doctor told us that she might have her menstrual cycle in next 2/3 months. I was surprised to hear that Dogs also go through this all. Well, I forgot that she is a female! When female dogs are on heat, you will have to take super care to keep her away from street dogs. That’s the major drawback of petting female dog. Otherwise female dog is best option!

She turned 3 years old. We thought to give her a chance to experience motherhood. We took her for mating. In next 2 months she delivered 10 beautiful puppies out of them 8 survived. Trust me, taking care of puppies is a bit painful job but one will love it for sure. It’s even more difficult than taking care of infant.

Lucci’s Puppies

Years were passing, everyone from family started getting busy with their lives; but whenever she sees us, no matter in what mood she is, she will stand by keeping hope that she will get some time from any one of us. Even a small hug makes her satisfied. That’s the best thing about petting a dog. No matter what, he/she will love you unconditionally always. Whenever I feel alone, I walk to her and spend some time. She makes me energized, happy and active.

Today, when she is 8.5 years old, last week, after very hectic schedule, with sudden realization about not giving her time, I walked to her. I took her on a walk. We sat on stairs where we spent many years in earlier days. I was grooming her and suddenly noticed that she was bitten by ticks badly. I felt very bad. With heavy eyes and guilt, next day I called doctor and cleaned all her hair coat. Tick sucks blood and I had no clue since when she was going through this. She had many wounds on her skin. I felt so sorry for her and angry about my carelessness. After treatment from doctor, she recovered. This is the biggest lesson for me while petting a dog. 

She is old. But she is still with the same energy, love and affection for us where we – humans change with time.

That’s why I agree with the above statement, The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

Love you Lucci 😊

EDIT on 29th Jan 2017 : Unfortunately because of sudden health concerns, she left us! RIP Lucci 😞

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