My rant on this woman’s day!


Well, just to remind you guys, no matter what, men can’t beat all the phases we go through. We know the pain of being dominated, of the hard days we go through every month, in a phase of carrying a baby and later in the labor room. Not just that, we bear bad glares every single day whenever we step out of home and what not!

They say we’re a progressive society. But last week I came across a message on a WhatsApp group that said –

एक लड़की ने क्या खूब लिखा है,

में जब अपनी आँखें झुका कर चलती हुँ तो मेरे पिता और मेरा भाई सर उठा कर चलते है 

In English – When a girl is not independent & confident in a society or atleast doesn’t carry herself that way, her brother and father feel proud about her”

And surprisingly, I saw people cheering about it. I was really in the awe to see that! Why a woman shouldn’t be independent? When she takes courage to decide on her own, isn’t she of any value to her family? Why does it become a question of her Sanskars?

Well, whether it’s a man or woman, god has created them for good reasons. They can’t be compared physically or emotionally. But definitely, she is equal to him if not more as a mother, partner, sister, friend and all the phases she goes through in life.


Happy women’s day, everyone ❤️ Let’s live it again!

8 thoughts on “My rant on this woman’s day!”

  1. Hey I only have one woman in my life and I love her more than any thing in my life its my mom of course your this blog remained of her and made a bit emotional cause I haven’t met her in long time so thanks for this wonderful creation of yours

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