When finally it’s happening..

Hey all, I know it’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything as I was busy in my marriage preparations. Yeah! I got engaged on 8th April 2017 with one of my friend whom I know since past 6 years. 

I still remember the day we met for the first time. It was a friends meet. In fact it was my best friend’s meet to her friend where I was actually uninvited 😉. I remember the way he walked in, he talked, he drove conversation and of course the way he made me impressed while leaving❤️. I was super impressed to know he is an entrepreneur who runs a software company at the age of 20. I always dreamed of such a person as my partner.

It’s been six years we know each other and I am so happy that I am marrying my best friend.

Journey was not easy. But it was worth. We belongs to different castes. In India, inter caste marriages or infact love marriages are not taken easily by families and society. Fortunately, our parents made it very easy for us after understanding all the background. I am thankful to my parents, his parents, our relatives and friends for every help and support to make it possible. Also, I am sorry for unintentional hurts and mistakes that I made.

We are getting married next month, I am hoping for blessings from you all and would definitely love to see you all there.

Our marriage website..!

A click from engagement ceremony.

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