The Indian Wedding Diary

Helllllo people!

As you probably already know, I got married to my lovely sweetheart about two months ago (Yay 😍)

We went Switzerland for our honeymoon where I met many people who were super curious about Indian weddings. So this post is going to be a beautiful story of my wedding and how marriages usually happen in Indian culture 💑

So in this post, I will try and answer some questions that I came across..

Are marriages still arranged in India?

Haha, right. This was one of the most common question we were asked and the answer to question is yes. About 75% of my friends are married in the arranged fashion and I guess the number was 99% for the previous generation.

Believe it or not, arranged marriages are not as bad as they sound. Yes, the idea of marrying someone who your family chooses sounds a bit strange. But in reality, it works out very well. In Indian cultures, families are generally very close and parents in most cases, spend the lifetime with their children. That is the reason why I think the compatibility of the families is just as important as the couple.

In my case, I chose the guy I wanted to marry and with little bit of struggle, I was able to connivence my parents.

Indian marriages huge and attended by thousands?

Yup. Indian weddings are huge and people spend a lot of money on wedding events. My marriage was attended by about 2000 people. Everyone from our family is supposed to invite their friends, relatives and colleagues. Our families combinedly spent about $35,000 USD on food, venue, jewelry and gifts. I think it is just about the average spending as some weddings are super expensive while I have seen some modest as well.

Guests at my wedding


Do people dance? 😀

Haha, yes. They do.



Did you draw beautiful Mehandi / Heena?

I did 🙌

My Mehendi


Mehandi is considered as a sign of love in marriages. Most of the ladies from the family do paint their hands with Mehandi and it’s kind of an gathering event couple of days before the wedding. A lot of dancing and fun happens..

What did you wear on the wedding day? The traditional, heavy ones?

Yep, we wore those beautiful traditional cloths in our wedding.

Bride in Lehenga.
Groom in Shervani


On Reception


What all events you had in marriage? How long does it last? 

Well, this totally depends on different cultures. In my case it was around 4 days. Mehendi, Haldi, Wedding day, God’s Puja and Reception.

I am sharing some of my pictures here 🙂

Wedding Venue
While we pray to holy fire
Us ❤️
Pooja in Home

Family members and relatives arrange games for couple on next day of wedding
At Jejuri temple

Moments we captured in our Honeymoon trip at Switzerland and Paris –

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