How to get Schengen Visa?

Howdy people! This is a guide to get a Schengen visa for Indian passport holder. I see people around very concerned and afraid about visa process.

So, my dear friend, take a chill pill first. 😎

Let me first tell you, Schengen visa is totally based on documents you provide with your Visa application form. They do not conduct any interview process.

I chose VFS services for applying my Schengen visa from Pune as Embassy of Switzerland is in Delhi.

Now, Why I applied for Switzerland Visa when Schengen includes many countries?

Schengen countries includes almost 26 countries from Europe. You can apply to any of them but the one with maximum stay. I was going to visit Paris for 3 days and Switzerland for 5 days. So, chose Switzerland Embassy.

What first action I need to perform?

Collect all required Documents! Checklist for Visa Documents

Please note that, every mentioned document adds weightage and is a mandatory document including hotel and flight reservations.

Also, do not download visa application form and fill. Please fill application form online here and then take a print out. VFS no more accepts manually filled form.

Missing documents in document Checklist which VFS people will ask –

  • If applicant is Self-employed with partnership firm, partner’s ID proof with signature and his Non-obligation letter about this visit.
  • If it is a honeymoon trip and lady is just married, she must have a Non-obligation letter/certificate from her parents mentioning “she is just married and they don’t have any objection to send their daughter to ‘xyz’ location with ’xyz’ person.” Document should be signed by parents and attached with parent’s ID proof.
  • Travel insurance should have exact name as Passport. What we faced is Bajaj alliance insurance had no option to put middle name while form filling. In such a case, add first name + middle name in first name section.

How and when to book Appointment?

When you fill Visa application form, at the last you may get an option to select appointment otherwise book an appointment here.

Please note that, do not book late appointment as if you miss any document, your day will be wasted. If you go for early morning appointment, you have a chance to complete things on same day.

If I am travelling with other people with me, should I book same appointment or different?

If you are two/three etc. together for visa application, when you get schedule appointment option while filling application form, again navigate to fill application form online, fill all details with same login used to fill previous application and at the last you will be able to see all of applications together.

What is the exact procedure when I reach to VFS office?

  1. There is a small queue with same appointment people. You need to stand in a queue. You need to show an appointment confirmation email print at entrance, get token number and go inside.
  2. There are different windows. Wait till your token number comes. Once your turn comes, VFS agent will check your documents as per checklist. He will also mention all extra documents I have mentioned in above point. Also, note that VFS agent will ask you duration of your stay in Schengen country; you should include your travel dates as well in duration otherwise immigration people will trouble you.
  3. Once all the document verification is done, you get an entry to another room where you show your visa application payment receipt/you can pay there. They show you an option for getting updates via sms. Please select it to get updates for visa application. Also, there are two options available to get your visa, 1. By courier 2. Collect at VFS office. Courier option is fast and convenient.
  4. After this, they take your photograph and finger print. Give you receipt and gets all documents submitted. And it’s all done!!🙂

When will I get my Visa?

Visa usually gets processed in 15 working days. But this is the maximum time and probably in 8 days you gets your visa.

Do we have to submit passport?

Yes. Your passport gets couriered by Embassy of Switzerland once visa approval process is done.

When my Visa can be rejected?

In case of missing documents, document issue or any other issue visa can be rejected.

Please note that, your covering letter should be very clear with the purpose of visit and overall plan. Also, assure Embassy that you won’t do violence in their country and follow all rules and regulation. If it’s a tourist visit, there is a very less chance to visa gets rejected but documents should be neat and clean.

All the very best and do let me know if this post helped you 🙂


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