Journey towards motherhood..

It was a 10th day and I was still waiting for my menstruation cycle. But somewhere back in mind I was hoping for a good news because I could never imagine someone who would be combination of two of us. I did my pregnancy test and yes it was positive!!! I was happy as well as nervous.

I told this to my husband, family, and in-laws, everyone was very happy about it. I had bit complications in my pregnancy but I could successfully complete my journey and that last moment came.

I still remember the day I was lying down on a stretcher and waiting for the delivery. That bed is such an uncomfortable place I have ever seen in life :D. So after waiting for a long time, we decided to doc section. I was very afraid of the procedure I was going through. But my anesthesiologist was so friendly; she gave me courage and a good company in operation theater.

My gynae and her team were operating me and I was desperately waiting for the result. And she said it’s a baby girl… It was such an emotional moment to see her and I couldn’t control my feelings and started crying there( because I will have a friend for a lifetime). Now, I was curious about her hair structure as my hair are silky and my husband has curly. And there itself I asked her whether it’s curly or straight 😂 (she said she can’t confirm it right now)

I was shifted to another room after my operation. That was an emotional breakdown moment and it took me 3-4 days to recover. I couldn’t sleep for two days, not even a minute. The third day finally I took tablets and slept because my body wanted to recover and rest was the only option.

Feeling of being a mother is precious and I am glad that I have a beautiful baby girl whose name is Jivika.

And the journey continues…

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