Baby is crying? All you need to know!

When my baby was two months old, she used to cry the whole night, literally the whole night. That is the time when you realize motherhood is not an easy job! (You realize it every moment no doubt 😉 )

I tried many ways like feeding breast milk, feeding formula milk, giving her medicines which doctor recommended but nothing worked for 12-13 days. Nights were sleepless. But you won’t believe, I changed three doctors and the third one was very smart, he noticed that it’s a gas issue. No wonder previous doctors also gave gas medicines because that is a very first treatment doctor give to baby when he/she is crying. Colic is very famous in babies.

Just simple digestive tonic – Himalaya bonnison and colpep gas/colic reliever helped me.

Now from my experience tips; when a baby is crying there might be below possibilities and solutions –

  • He must be hungry. Sometimes breastmilk is really not enough and you have to give him or her formula if needed.ree0s
  • He has a gas issue and it can be very severe as I have experienced. You must take her to patrician and start medicines. Also, try to foment the affected area with hot water bag or cloth. But make sure it is lukewarm and you do not harm a baby. Because baby skin is very delicate. You can use cloth layer in between.
  • He is just irritated and can’t concentrate on sleep. Try to change the environment. Use cradle, make sure temperature is not too hot or cold. Play songs, like for me RamRaksha which is God’s prayer in Hindu helped me a lot. Whenever I play that song my baby sleeps peacefully. Or you can take him to ride in a car if nothing helps. He will sleep because of motion.
  • Ear infection is also common in babies so check with that.
  • Cold or fever
  • Colic where the baby just keeps on crying for no reason. Wait for some time. He will be tired and sleep in this case or give colic medicine.

I am not a doctor but these are my experiences and workarounds. Hope that helps someone. Because I know how it feels when you are in this situation..!


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