Homemade Cerelac – Nutritious instant babyfood Recipe

Continuing to my previous blog recipe, after making instant baby food powder, now let’s see the recipe to cook it.

Ingredients –

  • 2 tsp Cerelac homemade powder – find the recipe here
  • 1 cup/bowl water
  • 2 tsp ghee/clarified butter
  • Salt as per taste
  • Turmeric powder as per taste
  • Tomato slices/spinach leaves/ carrot slices/fenugreek leaves/ or any veggie if you wish to add

Recipe –

  • Heat the bowl on gas.
  • Now add clarified butter, Cerelac powder, salt as per taste, turmeric powder as per taste and tomato slices or any veggie you wish to add. Stir it for a minute.

  • Now add water in it.
  • Keep stirring it because it will form lumps otherwise.

[wpvideo DLxD59wM data-temp-aztec-id=”a50272bf-3cef-4f69-bb41-8b498f6474b4″]

  • Stir it till it forms a good consumable texture.

[wpvideo N6xEW0lx class=”data-temp-aztec-video”]

  • Serve to a baby when lukewarm.

Important tips –

  • Veggies add extra nutrition to food so every time you make it, try to add different veggies for taste and nutrition.
  • You can also make a fine powder of dry fruits and use in this.
  • The texture of this should be according to your baby age. Like initially just after 6 months make it like a soup. Gradually you can increase thickness.
  • Once your baby is above 8 months, you can also add spices like garlic or curry leaves or Cumin seeds, etc for a change.

Happy weekend!!!

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