Breastfeeding! – 1

It’s been almost 18 months now; My little baby is born. She was delivered through C- Section. That is the life changing moment for every woman.

For a woman who delivers baby through C Section, milk secretion takes a little time. Till that time baby is fed through formula milk. For me, milk secretion had started on third day. Initially its painful and something really weird/frustrating thing to accept. My baby used to cry a lot in the night and frequent feeding like every two hours in a day seems the most difficult job of the world, Indeed it is!!!

Day by day your baby and you both learn good techniques and then it becomes a routine and practice for you. Once you cross one milestone i.e. 6 months, giving normal food to baby reduces headache to some level. Then your baby intelligence level increases and he starts demanding to breastfeed as per his needs.

Then there is a time to stop breastfeeding and there are lots of chaos about when and how to stop it and I am going to write a separate blog post for how to stop breastfeeding successfully!

I recently stopped it and then I realized its importance to another level. Breastfeeding connects you to your baby deeply. It stimulates your body hormones effectively. Today, after stopping breastfeeding I can realize the body relaxation feeling I used to get after breastfeeding my baby. Even after a lot of tired days, breastfeeding can be a great therapy to boost your energy. It definitely reduces all pregnancy fats and chances of breast cancer to some level.

So, Cheers to all those Breastfeeding Mothers; I am sure you are enjoying the journey and you must do!!!!!! <3

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