When and how to stop Breastfeeding?

There is nothing wrong or right about this but it totally depends on the individual about when you want to stop breastfeeding. I am going to guide you from my own experience of understanding the right time for it.

As I told in my previous blog, I stopped breastfeeding when my daughter turned 18 months old. Ideally, you should exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months, then till one year with the food, you must continue it. Later on, experts still encourage to continue it till 2 years but according to your work schedule, baby nature and demands you have to decide the right time.

My baby had the habit of waking up frequently in the middle of the night and demand feed. I beard it when that frequency was till 2-3 times. But all of sudden when she was 13 months old she started waking up often more and that left me frustrated. I asked my pediatrician that I want to stop it but he said unless it’s necessary, don’t; please continue till at least 15 months. Then I convinced my mind and continued it. Then when she was around 17 months she herself stopped demanding day time feed. Then I thought this might be a good time to slowly reduce the frequency of feeds and stop it.

Firstly for two weeks, I stopped day time feed. Then suddenly my baby liked a video on YouTube which was about the baby is sleeping in Mommy’s arms by listening imaginary story. I tried to relate her with that video and that actually worked. The same way she started sleeping without feed. But the challenge was about midnight feeds because that time they are in the third world and don’t want to listen to us at all. Another two weeks I fed her early morning and midnight. And then all of sudden she was convinced with the statement that she is grown up now, big baby and doesn’t need moms milk now but a cow’s milk. And she never asked for a feed then….!

I have heard people struggling a lot to stop breastfeed but my experience was something different and I encourage everyone to decide this on your own choice and not because of what others say!

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