Let them breath too!

I am sure if you are an Indian, you have lots of silk sarees in your cupboard which aren’t unfolded for a long time. So it’s the right time to do that. If you don’t have sarees but the fancy stuff like gowns, then also you can try this out!

Why should be this done?

* When we keep silk sarees for a long time in a fold, there are chances to get moisture.

* Some times, they start tearing on their folds because they are not in use.

* Long term kept cloths catches smell. So this will ease your sarees to breath and get fresh smell for you 😀

* And of course, you will get a chance in every year to look after all your beautiful collection and get happy!!!!! 🙂

When I can do this?

* The right time to this is after the Gudhipadawa festival. It’s in the month of Chaitra which is during March-end.

How to do this?

* Unfold the sarees you have in open space where sunrays are present and put sarees on a cleaned cloth which you have to put on the floor before you put saree on it.

* Make sure you dry your sarees from both sides in sun and early morning for 30 mins or so. Otherwise, your saree color might get faded if you chose the wrong time.

Happy summer and quarantine!!!!!!!

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