There’s so much to it when we think about Food.

For all of us it’s a way to nourish ourselves, but it’s a little different in my case when it comes to me.

Food is a way for me to escape from who I am trying to be each passing day and focus on who I really am, not really talkative but express a lot through colors in my to-do preparation.

This is my journey to food through my eyes and I invite you to explore this journey via my blog which I have started to share all my recipes that you can also savour on weekends with your family/favorite company.

Happy cooking 🙂


Spicy and Tasty

  1. Mushroom Manchurian
  2. Crispy Rava(Semolina)Uttapa
  3. Paneer Paratha
  4. Cauliflower’s Paratha/Thalipith
  5. Fried Bombay duck/Ole Bombil
  6. Indian Green Salad
  7. Kofta Curry
  8. Curd(Yogurt) Rice
  9. Spong gourd – Luffa Vegetable
  10. Delicious Indian Pasta – Varanfal
  11. Moong Bean Sprout Salad
  12. Green Chilli Pickle
  13. Appe – A delicious South Indian recipe
  14. Broccoli Recipe
  15. Mashroom Egg Bhurji


  1. Delicious Nan-Khatai/Cookies
  2. Fruit Custard
  3. Banana Cake ( Eggless + Wheat Flour)

Baby Food

  1. Home made Cerelac – Instant baby food powder
  2. Home made Cerelac – Instant baby food recipe
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