Everyone has a life story. We live in this ravishing universe in a journey of life. I am one of them and just being driven with beautiful rhythms in it.

Hi, I am Diplaxmi! A 25 years old mom living in a town of India. I live in a house with my family and dog, who I deeply love. Social networking and observing all the interesting activities that people do in their lives are some of my favorite.

A little while back I was worried that I was all about work and had no hobby; But suddenly it struck me that I have a lot of life stories with me which I can share. I am not a writer, but just my take on an introduction to a day in the life of a girl and now in India.

Come! Be part of my stories which talks about my surroundings and life.

  1. When I had to be Emotionally Stronger…
  2. 8 Winsome years while growing Her..
  3. My rant on this woman’s day!
  4. When finally it’s happening..
  5. The Indian Wedding Diary
  6. How’s the weekend Buddy?
  7. Brave hearts!
  8. Journey towards Motherhood..
  9. Let them breath too!!

Parenting –

  1. Baby is crying – All you need to know!
  2. How to get passport of infant?
  3. Breast-feeding!! – 1
  4. When and How to stop breastfeeding?
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